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Thor #338
April 8th, 2013 by Rusty

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Thor #338 cover

Thor #338

Date: December 1983
Publisher: Marvel Comics Group
Cover Price: 60¢
2013 NM Price: $6.00
Stats: 22 color pages plus ads, Bullpen Bulletins and “The Hammer Strikes” letters page
Story & Art: Walter Simonson
Other Artists: John Workman, Jr., George Roussos
Notable Notes: Two worthy warriors duel for Mjolnir!

Better Than A Superbowl?

Don’t you love a really good game? A great fight? An evenly matched competition? I do! This issue gives us one of the best fights to take place in the Marvel Universe – and probably one of the few times that Thor gets really worried!


Thor #337 introduced us to Beta Ray Bill – an alien who could lift Thor’s enchanted hammer. This issue begins with Donald Blake, aka Thor, stranded on Earth wondering what just happened. Meanwhile in Asgard, Odin and the rest of the population are surprised to see somebody else wearing Thor’s clothes and holding his hammer. Bill starts to destroy things, but Odin soon restrains him, brings Thor back and the 3 of them go up on the mountain for a big-cheese pow-wow. There Bill tells them how his planet was threatened and the citizens chose him to protect them as they were cryogenically frozen and sent out into space. Bill was given a new body, and spent most of his time fighting off the demons who tried to attack his people. Anyway, since both Bill and Thor have a legitimate claim to Mjolnir Odin decides that they must fight to the death to see who will claim it. Whoosh – they are banished to Skartheim where a fierce battles ensues. Who will come up victor in this most important fight? The answer may very well surprise you… or not.

My 2 Cents:

  • This issue was a very cool story all around, but the origin of Beta Ray Bill and the death-match-duel-of-doom were both great highlights in one fantastic book!
  • Ah, Beta Ray Bill – you gotta love the guy! The more I learn about him the better I like him! (And to think that when I was a kid I thought he was the bad guy! See what you get when you don’t actually read the stories!)
  • Simonson is a good artist – but not as great as some others of the time. His drawings of Loki disguised as Thor weren’t very good, but the rest of the book was OK. Luckily the man can tell a mean story!

How I Rate This Issue:

  • Story: 5 stars
  • Art: 4 stars
  • Fun Factor: 5 stars

Where To Get Your Own Copy:

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