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Savage Tales #5
Feb 18th, 2018 by Rusty

Savage Tales #5 cover

Savage Tales #5

Date: July 1974
Publisher: Marvel Comics Group
Cover Price: 75¢
Stats: 20 black and white pages (Skull River story)
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artists: Jim Starlin and Al Milgrom
Notable Notes: Conan gets a new horse!

No Water

What is the longest you have ever gone without water? I once went about 30 hours, and it was terrible! I am a big water drinker, even now, since it is suppose to be healthy, and I do prefer it to the overly sweet sugar drinks that are so prominent these days. But I wonder if we, like Conan in this story, had gone a long time without anything to drink, would be prone to blackouts or agreeing to take on stupid jobs. Hmm, hopefully I’d die before fighting a rich prick and then giving all his gold to manipulative villagers! 😉
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Conan The Barbarian #179
Dec 19th, 2012 by Rusty

Conan The Barbarian #179 cover

Conan The Barbarian #179

Date: February, 1986
Publisher: Marvel Comics Group
Cover Price: 75¢
2012 NM Price: $4
Stats: 22 color pages plus ads, Bullpen Bulletins and “The Hyborian Page” letters page.
Writer: Jim Owsley
Artists: John Buscema, Bob Camp, Janice Chiang, George Roussos
Notable Notes: Conan – the redeemer of a city?!

Conan’ll Be Back, Baby!

I’ll admit to not being very schooled in the history and stories of the famous Conan. My first association with the character was the 1982 movie starring none other than the Governator: Arnold Schwarzenegger. So maybe I’m not the best person to judge the accuracy of this comic, but I can tell you what I thought about comic – and here’s a hint: I wasn’t too impressed.

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