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Batman: Gotham Adventures #1
January 18th, 2014 by Rusty

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Batman: Gotham Adventures #1 cover

Batman: Gotham Adventures #1

Date: June 1998
Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Price: $2.95
2014 NM Value: $4.00
Stats: 38 color pages
Writer: Ty Templeton
Artists: Rick Burchett, Terry Beatty, Lee Loughridge
Notable Notes: Joker gets a big, big price on his head!

A Smarter Way To Catch The Joker?

The rational, non-fun, part of me has always been a little bit disappointed that the Joker is still running around being crazy after all these years. It seems like if Batman isn’t able to put the kibosh on this villain, then maybe there is another, better way? This issue addresses that very topic, and shows us that one dedicated and vengeful man can come up with a clever method for bringing down the Joker once and for all!


This issue begins with Batman, Robin and Batgirl chasing the Joker, and in the background is a giant TV giving commentary about how a local business tycoon’s son was recently murdered by the smiling villain. Just as Batman captures the Joker the TV news anchor announces that the rich businessman is offering $50 million dollars to anyone who kills the Joker! Whoa! Quick as a wink Batman decides to not turn the Joker over to the local police, but instead takes him back to the Batcave as the citizens of Gotham work themselves into a frenzy over the possibility of capturing Joker. Back at the cave Batman ties up Joker and leaves him in Batgirl’s watchful care as he and Robin answer a call from the Bat-signal. Commissioner Gordon shows the dynamic duo a clue recently left by the Riddler, which leads them to an old theater where Riddler and his gang attack Batman and try to coerce him into turning Joker over to their care. Batman and Robin escape by the skin of their teeth, and we are shown that Joker has also escaped from Batgirl. Oh no! It’s a good thing Alfred is keeping an eye on the situation! Anyway, as Gothamites demand to know Joker’s where-abouts, Batman pays a little visit to the rich man that started this whole mess and convinces him to change his mind. Aw… what a good guy, that Batman – in fact the whole Bat-team works together to save the day… once again!

How I Rate This Issue:

  • Story: 5 stars – A clever idea using loads of money to try and capture the Joker. I also really liked the corny one-liners and how well the Bat-team worked together.
  • Art: 5 stars – The art was really good and perfectly matched the tone of the story: a little bit goofy and cartoonish! Well done, and a pleasure to view!
  • Fun Factor: 5 stars – A good, classic Batman story that brings back the old time Bat-fun, and is appropriate for all ages too! Can’t get much better than that! I highly recommend it!

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