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Daredevil #26 (Vol. 3)
March 2nd, 2014 by Rusty

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Daredevil #26 cover

Daredevil #26 (Vol. 3)

Date: July 2013
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
Stats: 21 color pages plus ads, 2 pages of behind-the-scenes and an 8 page back-up story.
Writer: Mark Waid
Artists: Chris Samnee, Javier Rodriguez, Joe Caramagna
Notable Notes: Daredevil finds out who has been behind his recent attacks!


I am a big fan of science fiction novels, and one of my favorite series is Alastair Reynolds Revelation Space books. There are some rich people who seal themselves inside motorized boxes so that they can avoid contact with the nano-technology destroying Melding Plague. Anyway, there is a character in this issue of Daredevil that reminded me of those Palanquins, but this one can’t move and the brain behind it is still very deadly!


At the end of Daredevil #25 we saw Ikari beat DD to within an inch of his life – and then let him go saying that he would be killed soon. This issue begins as Ikari speaks with a man who is sealed inside some container that is keeping him alive. Container man makes it clear that he is the one plotting Daredevil’s demise. Meanwhile Matt is trying to clean himself up at the office when somebody applying for a job shows up and Matt thinks Ikari sent him. (He did.) Then Matt zooms off to the hospital where Foggy is in the middle of his cancer treatments and Matt freaks out on one of the nurses and thinks that Ikari sent him. (Once again, he did.) Foggy’s had enough so he has Matt tell him all the facts as he takes note – that’s when they discover that Bullseye (whom they had assumed was dead) is really the one behind all his problems! Gasp! Anyway, DD alters his heart rate, flees the hospital, loses his tail and shows up at Bullseye’s place – where he makes short work of Lady Bullseye and then confronts the big container!

There is also a small back-up story about Foggy visiting some kids in the cancer hospital, where they tell him about the new Iron Man comic book they are creating. It is a pretty creative and funny book, and eventually the real Iron Man shows up – which makes all the kids excited!

How I Rate This Issue:

  • Story: 4 stars – This was actually a really good story, with several awesome ideas – like the one about Matt being so freaked out. But I had to take off one star for bringing back a dead villain – even though he turned out to be a great plot element!
  • Art: 4 stars – Still very good! I like the bold, solid colors and clean, simple designs.
  • Fun Factor: 5 stars – Once again another great read from the current DD creative team! Seeing Matt so on the edge, and knowing that Ikari was toying with him was well worth the read!

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