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Daredevil #25 (Vol. 3)
January 12th, 2014 by Rusty

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Daredevil #25 cover

Daredevil #25 (Vol. 3)

Date: June 2013
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $2.99
Stats: 21 color pages plus ads and “Letters Without Fear”
Writer: Mark Waid
Artists: Chris Samnee, Javier Rodriguez, Joe Caramagna
Notable Notes: Daredevil meets someone just like him… well, almost.

Matt’s Father?

I know that Matt’s dad was a big part of his life, and ultimately the reason he became Daredevil. However, the “father” card has been played a few too many times for my taste. So I wasn’t expecting much out of this issue when I saw the cover – but boy was I surprised, and in a good way too! Mark Waid and the current creative team on DD have managed to create another awesome issue – cementing their place as the best team to *ever* work on Daredevil!


Daredevil #24 ended with a man claiming to know who was after Daredevil. This issue starts off in Foggy’s hospital room where the guy tells Matt about all the experiments performed on homeless men. The informer’s heart rate is steady as a metronome, so Matt suits up and brings the guy with him to an abandoned warehouse by the East river. There DD learns that this snitch had a sabotaged pacemaker implanted! Whoa – sneaky! The informant is killed and Daredevil drops into the warehouse looking for whomever is the cause of all this trouble – and he finds him alright! Some guy comes out dressed in Matt’s father’s boxing robes, and reveals himself to be “Ikari” – pinnacle of all the radioactive testing, and Matt’s equal in every way! The two of them duke it out, but guess what? Ikari isn’t Daredevil’s equal – he’s better! This new warrior puts the hurt on Daredevil in a big way, and just when Matt is beaten and helpless he lets him live – you know, to put the fear into him and all that!

How I Rate This Issue:

  • Story: 5 stars – A very cool story! The pacemaker and Ikari were both some nice touches, and kept the storyline fresh.
  • Art: 4 stars – Excellent all around. Between the 2 warriors and all the blood the reds were especially beautiful in this issue!
  • Fun Factor: 5 stars – There was another surprise at the end that was very cool too. All in all this was a totally fun and interesting issue to read!

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