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The Walking Dead #1
September 8th, 2013 by Rusty

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The Walking Dead #1 cover

The Walking Dead #1

Date: October 2003
Publisher: Image Comics
Cover Price: $2.95
2013 Price Range: $7.00 – $250.00
Stats: 24 black & white pages
Writer: Robert Kirkman
Artist: Tony Moore
Notable Notes: 1st issue of the insanely popular zombie series!

Zombies… Nooooooo!

I resisted reading this issue for a long time. Why? Well, because I’m not a huge fan of zombies that’s why. I mean I don’t hate them, it’s just that I kind of rejected them on the grounds that “everybody is doing it.” Anyway, on a long bus ride I finally jumped in and read this issue on my Android tablet and was quite surprised and how much I enjoyed it! Here’s what I thought of this landmark first issue:


Rick Grimes was a police officer who was wounded in action. When he wakes up in the hospital he is surprised to find it abandoned… well except for some zombies who are scouring for food and think he looks like a tasty meal! Anyway, he gets away and takes a bike to his house only to find some new human neighbors who at first mistake him for one of those dead people – whoops! They finally get everything worked out, and Rick offers the man, Morgan Jones, and his son some help in the form of a vehicle and some guns from the police station. They go their way and Rick heads off to take care of some unfinished business.

My 2 Cents:

  • Story: 4 stars – Other than the stereotypical zombie stuff this story was really pretty good. Remember, it was written in 2003 so it was probably more unique back then and not such an over-used cliché. Regardless, I still liked it.
  • Art: 4 stars – I like B&W art, especially when it is done well, and the art in this issue is certainly good! And somehow the black and white panels seem to fit the tone of the story too – so that is cool.
  • Fun Factor: 4 stars – Good art and a cool story combine to make this one fun read. And it actually made me want to buy the next issues (or the trade paperback) and see where this story goes. Bravo!

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