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Spawn #21
June 9th, 2013 by Rusty

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Spawn #21 cover

Spawn #21

Date: May 1994
Publisher: Image Comics
Cover Price: $1.95
2013 Price Range: $1.00 – $9.00
Stats: 22 color pages plus “The Spawning Ground” letters page, Image Info, fan art and ads
Story & Art: Todd McFarlane
Other Artists: Mark Pennington, Tom Orzechowski and Steve Oliff
Notable Notes: Um… low print run?

The End of Spawn for Me!

Years ago I sold almost all the issues of Spawn that I owned. I only kept 4 issues that I thought might be valuable some day. Over the last few months, as I re-read these issues, I realized why I sold the others off: because Spawn comics suck! OK, I’ll admit that Spawn #9 was pretty good – but that’s it. I have not read another Spawn issue that I deemed worthy of re-reading. This is the last one I’ll review for this site… thank goodness!


This issue begins with Spawn getting his face sewn together with a shoe string by one of his (newfound?) homeless friends, Bobby. Bobby tells our ugly anti-hero how much he and his buddies like having Spawn around. Meanwhile, Terry Fitzgerald, who is married to Spawn’s former wife, and who went missing un-explainedly for a few days last week, is getting roughed up by friends and foe alike. Also Sam and Twitch beat up a thug in order to get information, Spawn beats up another thug who is trying to get information about him, crime-lord Tony Twist makes plans to beat up other thugs, and the three newscasters talk about thugs who have been beat up – oh, and Terry Fitzgerald too. Then the issue thankfully ends, and there’s 15 minutes of my life I won’t be getting back!

My 2 Cents:

  • Not only is the story of Spawn going down in quality, but the art is too. I actually like McFarlane’s art, but it wasn’t up to its usual snuff this issue.
  • The story line was just… boring. Seriously, the most interesting part of this issue was the letters page, where 2 of the letters totally slammed on Spawn and Image in general!
  • More stupid stuff: too many word balloons, impossibly drawn woman, Spawn poking himself in the eyes, a totally mediocre cover and too many story plots with not enough information.

How I Rate This Issue:

  • Story: 2 stars
  • Art: 3 stars
  • Fun Factor: 1 stars

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