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Hot Stuff #150
December 29th, 2012 by Rusty

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Hot Stuff #150 cover

Hot Stuff #150

Date: August 1979
Publisher: Harvey Publications, Inc.
Cover Price: 35¢
2012 NM Price: $6.00
Stats: 23 color pages plus ads
Writer: ?
Artists: ?
Notable Notes: Hot Stuff loses his cool and zaps all kinds of things!


Hot Stuff comics were my earliest comic reading experience. My mom used to buy them for my brother and me when we went on long car trips, and I would blast through them. It must have been here that I picked up my fascination with devils and demons. I’m not a devil worshiper by any means, but I’ve always thought they were cool characters in stories, movies and most of all Dungeons & Dragons! Reading this comic reminded my why I started thinking they were cool!


This issue contains 3 Hot Stuff stories, 1 Stumbo the Giant story, and 2 mini-stories. In the first one, “Acting Land,” Hot Stuff gets bored so he flies into a TV set to interact with the actors there. In “Fiery Cane” Hot Stuff’s uncle Hazard comes to turn their woods into a desert. The 3rd story, entitled “The Return of the Imp” finds Hot Stuff saving an Imp who then repays him with a mischievous trip to the amusement park. The issue is rounded out with “Giant Amusement” where Stumbo’s village is threatened with government expansion, so our favorite giant shows the snobby government agents how much fun he can be!

My 2 Cents:

  • Hot Stuff was the first comic title I really loved, so I may be a bit biased here but I still thought this issue was loads of fun to read! Hot Stuff’s fiery temper and his strange family still bring a smile to my face after all these years!
  • The art was a mixed bag. The pencils were great, but the coloring (especially the red on the devils) was sloppy and never entirely within the lines. Sheesh – I sound like an angry kindergarten teacher! Maybe it was just the process used to make comic books at the time, but it still feels a little bit cheap.
  • One of the mini stories is about Hot Stuff’s grandpa Blaze, the old, cussing devil himself! Even though there aren’t any “bad” words printed, I still thought it was funny that a kids book would have a story about a cussing contest! Ah, you gotta love the 1970s right!
  • I really did learn to read with Harvey comics like this one, so I was a bit surprised to find some strange spellings in this issue. “Grampa” and “crool” were the most obvious. I guess they are phonetic spellings, but that still seems to be a questionable decision on Harvey’s part.

How I Rate This Issue:

  • Story: 3 stars
  • Art: 3 stars
  • Fun Factor: 4 stars

Where To Get Your Own Copy:

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