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G.I. Joe, A Real American Hero #16
October 30th, 2013 by Rusty

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G.I. Joe, A Real American Hero #16 cover

G.I. Joe, A Real American Hero #16

Date: October 1983
Publisher: Marvel Comics Group
Cover Price: 60¢
2013 Price Range: $2.00 – $18.00
Stats: 22 color pages plus ads, “Postbox: The Pit!” letters page and Bullpen Bulletins
Writer: Larry Hama
Artists: Mike Vosburg, Jon D’Agostino, Joe Rosen, Andy Yanchus
Notable Notes: 1st appearances of Cover Girl and Trip-Wire!

Toys That I Played With!

I loved the 3 3/4 inch G.I. Joe figures when they first came out in the early 1980s – and I collected many of the first ones, along with some of their awesome vehicles. Because I had those toys, this issue was more fun for me. I got to see The Wolverine missile launcher, the motorcycle with machine gun side-car and the jeep with the gun on top! Loads of fun, and it helped me to re-live a bit of my childhood. That’s a sign of a good comic book… isn’t it?


“Night Attack!” : G.I. Joe #15 ended with Dr. Venom being released to Cobra. This issue, however, begins with the Joes doing some training exercises against mock Cobra vehicles. Hawk gives them a tough battle, and then releases 10 “Hiss” tanks on the group! That sounds tough – it’s a good thing that the new mobile missile launcher, The Wolverine, enters the fray to help out. And everyone is surprised when it is driven by a new lady: Cover Girl. There is also some clumsy guy setting some mines – his name is Trip-Wire, but no one is as interested in him as they are the beautiful new lady! Meanwhile the Cobra’s top brass are planning an attack on Washington, D.C., and the Army can’t decide if it will be the Capitol building or the Treasury. They opt to protect the Capitol, and Cobra goes for the Treasury of course! They try to poison the ink supply of the nation’s printed money, but a special team of Joes (including a goofy looking Torpedo in all his diving gear!) stop them before they can succeed. As Cobra tries to make their get-away Hawk jumps on one of their tanks and dukes it out with Cobra Commander and Destro. I’m afraid Hawk would be outnumbered if it wasn’t for the fact the there is a bit of bad blood between those two Cobra leaders! Whew – I was getting worried there!

My 2 Cents:

  • Story: 3 stars – After last issue’s cool story with Snake-Eyes, this one felt rather run-of-the-mill-ish. Not terrible, but way too much action and too little plot advancement.
  • Art: 4 stars – I am really liking the job the artists are doing with these issues! Very good work! The scene with the soldiers in the rain on the steps of the Capitol building was just amazing!
  • Fun Factor: 3 stars – If you like crazy action and fight sequences then you’ll probably love this issue. The art was great to look at, but the story left me wanting more.

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