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ElfQuest #5
February 11th, 2018 by Rusty

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ElfQuest #5 cover

ElfQuest #5

Date: August 1979
Publisher: WaRP Graphics
Cover Price: $1.00
2018 Price Range: $3 – $30
Stats: 33 color pages plus editorial and Elfquotes letters page
Writers: Wendy and Richard Pini
Artist: Wendy Pini
Notable Notes: The end of the first Elfquest chapter.

Follow Gandhi’s Example

Whenever I see a herd of stampeding horses, or other grazing beasts, in movies or read about them in books, I always recall the movie Gandhi. It is there that the title character urges people to lie down, saying that the horses won’t step on them if they are prone. For some reason I have often thought about that part of the movie. Although I am not sure if that is true or not, it does seem logical that horses wouldn’t want to step other living creatures. I guess we are kind of like that too – how many of us would run across of carpet of cats, for example? Anyway, there is a part in this comic book where I thought the characters should heed Gandhi’s words and all lie down. However, the award winning movie didn’t come out until three years after this book was published – so I guess I can’t fault them!


Voice of the Sun: The two Elf tribes are finally learning to tolerate each other and actually get along… well, for the most part. Some of the Wolfriders are a little peeved with Leetah’s wishy-washiness concerning Cutter. In fact, Cutter himself is frustrated with her lack of accepting The Recognition. So when a nearby volcano starts rumbling, Cutter and the Wolfriders eagerly accept the opportunity to divert a dangerous, rampaging herd of huge, horse-like animals. The danger of the mission, and several close calls, finally prompts Leetah to re-think and explore her feelings for the barbarian-like leader that has occupied her thoughts so much lately!

How I Rate This Issue:

  • Story: 5 stars – Wow, I am really enjoying this series and the great variety of story lines! This is another issue with several things going on – all of which are very cool!
  • Art: 5 stars – Once again: stupendous art! Great details and gorgeous colors!
  • Fun Factor: 5 stars – The magic, the exciting action and desire to root for Cutter make this another in the long line of great Elfquest comic books!

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