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ElfQuest #4
January 14th, 2018 by Rusty

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ElfQuest #4 cover

ElfQuest #4

Date: May 1979
Publisher: WaRP Graphics
Cover Price: $1.00
2018 Price Range: $3 – $30
Stats: 32 color pages plus Bearclaw and Joyleaf pin-up art, Laugh “Wolf” and Elfquotes letters page
Writers: Wendy and Richard Pini
Artist: Wendy Pini
Notable Notes: 1st appearance of Madcoil!

Rival Spurning

Have you ever been spurned by a rival? I’m talking about when you finally decide to play nice, and so you make a reconciling gesture only to be scoffed at, turned down or ridiculed? This can lead to even higher tension between rivals. I remember one case, in particular, when I was in high school where “my nemesis” and I elevated proverbial blows until we were ready to kill each other. Ah, the good old days of teenage testosterone! Nowadays I usually (emphasis on usually) laugh and let things blow over, because I am older and wiser… or is it older and weaker? One of those. Anyway, in this issue we see some male-rival-spurning going on, and I’m sure it will lead to more aggression in later issues. I can’t wait!


Wolfsong: ElfQuest #3 ended on a cliffhanger, literally! This issue begins with Cutter helping Rayek back onto the ledge – thus winning the right to court the beautiful Leetah. But how does she feel about all of this? I guess Cutter forgot to ask her, because she claims that she doesn’t really love him, and hasn’t made up her mind yet. That night, Leetah spies on the Wolfriders as they recall the deeds of their past leaders. And Cutter’s touching story about how his father attacked the evil Madcoil (a giant, magical, half cat / half snake creature) raises strong emotions not only from his tribe, but from his current crush as well. Aw, can you feel the romance in the air?! ๐Ÿ™‚

How I Rate This Issue:

  • Story: 5 stars – This is my favorite issue that I’ve read so far. This story had it all: a little bit of love, a dab of adventure, a dollop of suspense and a good helping of masculine hotheadedness balanced by feminine wisdom!
  • Art: 5 stars – Gosh, what more can I say? The art is fantastic!
  • Fun Factor: 5 stars – A cool story, good art and fun extras all make for a wonderfully fun comic book issue. Highly recommended!

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