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Captain America #12 (Vol. 3)
January 28th, 2014 by Rusty

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Captain America #12 (Vol. 3)

Captain America #12 (Vol. 3)

Date: December 1998
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $2.99
2014 NM Price: $4.00
Stats: 29 color pages plus 9 page Red Skull backup story, “American Graffiti” letters page, Bullpen Bulletins, fold-out gate cover and ads
Writer: Mark Waid
Artists: Andy Kubert, Jesse Delperdang, Chris Sotomayor and Todd Klein
Notable Notes: Cap and Sharon do battle with Nightmare!

Trapped In A Dream?

Have you ever felt trapped in your dreams? You know, like when you have a nightmare about running from some horrible thing, but your legs won’t work! I had those kinds of dreams all the time as a kid, and I still have them every once in a while now. (Maybe I need to see somebody about that, huh?) Anyway, in this issue Captain America and Sharon Carter experience something similar to that – but about 100 times worse! I guess that’s why the villain in this issue is called “Nightmare” huh? Ha ha!


At the end of issue #11 Sharon Carter was drawn into Nightmare’s trap when she tried to save Cap. This “double sized” issue starts off with Nightmare taunting the 2 of them as he shows them images of their bodies (back in the real world) doing his evil bidding! Mwa ha ha ha! After assuring them that they can’t break out, he goes off to gloat over his accomplishments and Cap and Sharon try to rally other victims that are trapped in this dream world. Dumb people, though, they won’t listen! Sheesh! So when Cap is hauled off by Nightmare’s minions Sharon is forced to get people to fight back on her own. Of course she is helped when Captain America finally figures out how to punch Nightmare and make it stick! Eventually she leads the newly resistant troops against the evil master of dreams and they gang up on Nightmare to finally break out of this bad dream. In the real world our 2 heroes learn that their bodies recently started the countdown to a nuclear missile launch, and now they have to figure out how to stop it – oh no! They do it though, with Cap using his nifty new shield to protect him from the rocket’s blast. Anyway, all ends well as S.H.I.E.L.D. covers everything up nice and neat.

The backup story about Red Skull is mostly text, with a few images of the villain’s past thrown in. It is interesting – especially if you don’t know the history. Yeah, it turns out that Mr. Red-Head and Captain America have quite a few things in common – except that one of them is a crazy psychopath bent on destroying the world! (Cue evil laughter once again)

My 2 Cents:

  • Story: 3 stars – Really this was just an average story. I was hoping for more, since it was a double-sized anniversary issue and all, but no.
  • Art: 4 stars – Overall very good images. The best parts, though, came in Nightmare’s lair and all the creepy things that were there! Well done!
  • Fun Factor: 3 stars – The cool art wasn’t enough to save the ho-hum storyline. I’m actually glad to see the end of this story arc!

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