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Betty and Me #152
February 6th, 2013 by Rusty

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Betty and Me #152 cover

Betty and Me #152

Date: July 1986
Publisher: Archie Comics Group
Cover Price: 75¢
2013 NM Price: $5.00
Stats: 23 color pages plus “Dear Betty” letters column, word search, hairstyles and ads
Writers: George Gladir
Artists: Stan G, Rudy Lapick, Bill Yoshida
Notable Notes: Betty tries her darnedest to snag Archie!

The Luckiest Man!

Ah, Archie – the envy of men everywhere! Is there any guy luckier than the man who has not 1 but 2 beautiful women chasing after him? I was jealous as a teenager reading these issues, and now as a middle aged man – well, I’m still a little bit jealous! Oh well, joining in on all the fun, hi-jinks and plain good luck of Archie is half the fun of reading these issues… right?


The first story in this issue is “Scheme Theme” – about how Betty plays it cool in order to win Archie over, and how that ends up back-firing on her. Then comes “TV Spree” where Betty has her work cut out for her as she tries to deter Archie from watching TV for an entire day – a tough job for any woman but Betty comes up with some pretty creative solutions! In “Thoughts” Betty gets upset with Arch for thinking about baseball instead of love during the spring time. And finally in “No Comparison” Archie gets a lesson in why real, live girls are better than female robots!

My 2 Cents:

  • Dang – Archie comics are fun to read! And that is really the beauty of them – they are just plain fun. Nothing too serious – just a good read for a good time, and I thank them for it!
  • Part of what makes these comics fun is that the characters always seem to be having fun themselves. I mean just look at them – always smiling, hanging out, eating good food and doing other fun things! What’s not to like? Just one more reason to be a little jealous of Archie!
  • I liked how this comic tried to engage the reader in many ways. First there were all the stories, but in addition to those there were the games, reader illustrations and lists of everyone who sent them letters – wow! Archie comics always felt like they were trying hard to make their readers part of the fun – and I think they succeeded!

How I Rate This Issue:

  • Story: 4 stars
  • Art: 4 stars
  • Fun Factor: 5 stars

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