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The Man of Steel #4
April 17th, 2013 by Rusty

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The Man of Steel #4 cover

The Man of Steel #4

Date: 1986
Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Price: 75¢
2013 NM Price: $4.00
Stats: 22 color pages plus ads
Writer & Penciller: John Byrne
Other Artists: Dick Giordano, Tom Zuiko, John Costanza
Notable Notes: The start of the bad blood between Superman and Lex Luthor!

Friends Then Enemies

I wonder how many enemies in this world actually started off on relatively good terms with each other? It seems like a common thread that people who get along reasonably well can end up hating each other with a burning passion when they perceive that the other one has intentionally hurt them. The world of comics and super-heroes is no different it seems, and in this issue we learn how Superman’s biggest enemy came to dislike him so much.


The Man of Steel #3 showed how Superman and Batman teamed up for the first time. In this issue Clark Kent and Lois Lane attend a party on Lex Luthor’s giant yacht. This is the first time Clark has met Lex and Mr. Luthor doesn’t seem like too bad of a guy. He is nice and charitable and pretty sweet on Lois – but that is while things are going well. When a band South American terrorists commandeer the boat and take hostages, then Lex’s true colors show through! He lets things play out in hopes that Superman will arrive (which he does) and then promptly puts Supes on his “payroll” after all the danger has been averted. I know – what a scum right! Anyway, when the truth comes out then Lex is arrested and escorted to jail by his new least favorite person: Superman. Later, after Lex’s mighty lawyers get him out of the slammer, he meets up with Superman and threatens him by saying that he will destroy him someday. Uh, yeah – keep dreaming Luthor!

My 2 Cents:

  • Even though there were some less-than-stellar scenes in this issue (Lois lifting Clark’s weights in her formal dress!) I still enjoyed the book more than last issue. I thought it was fun seeing Luthor interact with both Clark and Superman for the first time.
  • John Byrne’s art continues to be good. It is not spectacular, and it has a heavy 80s feel to it, but it gets the job done nicely.
  • There was a ton of dialogue in this issue. That’s not automatically a bad thing, but when you spend an entire page getting a blow-by-blow description of how Clark shaves his super tough beard then you know it is too much information.

How I Rate This Issue:

  • Story: 4 stars
  • Art: 3 stars
  • Fun Factor: 4 stars

Where To Get Your Own Copy:

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