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The Man of Steel #1
January 23rd, 2013 by Rusty

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The Man of Steel #1 cover

The Man of Steel #1

Date: 1986
Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Price: 75¢
2013 NM Price: $4.00
Stats: 32 color pages plus “Meanwhile…” and “Superman: A Personal View” columns
Writer & Penciller: John Byrne
Other Artists: Dick Giordano, Tom Ziuko, John Costanza
Notable Notes: Superman’s origin re-told

No More Invulnerable Superman!

About a decade ago a friend and I were discussing the Superman cartoons of the day, and he mentioned how he didn’t like the current version of Superman – you know, the one who wasn’t invincible and who had to work for his victories. I liked it and thought it made for more interesting stories, but neither of us were aware of this ground-breaking series from the mid 1980s. It wasn’t long after that conversation that I purchased this series and learned for myself why Superman had weaknesses. If you’ve ever wondered the same thing then read on my friends!


This first issue (of a 6 issue limited series) is divided into 4 chapters – each several pages long. The first story is a prologue that takes place on the planet Krypton where we see Superman’s parents, Jor-El and Lara, discussing the demise of their planet as they send their infant child out into space – after which their planet blows up in spectacular fashion. In the next chapter a teenage Clark Kent, who is a local sports superstar, is given a talking-to by his father, who also reveals to Clark the reason for his “super” abilities. The third chapter reveals how Clark saves a plane from crashing and is consequently exposed to the public of Metropolis – especially the determined reporter Lois Lane. And finally we are shown how Clark’s parents help him come up with both a costume and a secret identity – leading to creation of Superman!

My 2 Cents:

  • I gotta admit – the story was pretty dang cool! I like Superman stories as much as the next guy, but I don’t consider myself a super-fan, however this story was totally fascinating and kept me turning the pages right up to the end!
  • I am always impressed when the same person both writes and draws a comic, and John Byrne does a great job with both tasks here. The art is cool and detailed – making this issue even more fun to read. Kudos Mr. Byrne, kudos!
  • So, part of the reason for this series was to reboot the Superman story for a post-crisis world. Since I never read Superman before this I am fine with that, but I can see how it would irk some people (kind of like the New 52 irks me!)

How I Rate This Issue:

  • Story: 5 stars
  • Art: 5 stars
  • Fun Factor: 5 stars

Where To Get Your Own Copy:

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