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The Amazing Spider-Man #256
February 9th, 2014 by Rusty

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The Amazing Spider-Man #256 cover

The Amazing Spider-Man #256

Date: September 1984
Publisher: Marvel Comics Group
Cover Price: 60¢
2014 Price Range: $1.00 – $10.00
Stats: 22 color pages plus ads, Bullpen Bulletins and “The Spider’s Web” letters page
Writer: Tom DeFalco
Artists: Ron Frenz, Josef Rubinstein, Joe Rosen and Christie Scheele
Notable Notes: 1st appearance of Puma!


I always have a bit of a chuckle when I read Spider-man or Superman comics – you know, the part where our hero swoops in and catches somebody. It seems like the energy from a collision like that would seriously injure someone! Doesn’t it sometimes feel like the writers of these books never learned any real world physics? Yeah. Anyway, here is an issue where Spider-man learns about inertia the hard way: when he grabs onto a wall while falling! Yoink!


The Amazing Spider-Man #255 had some great apes in it, but the villains in this issue are decidedly more feline. The book begins with Spidey breaking up some sort of stolen goods operation in a warehouse. As he gives the bad guys their due, we see his current flame, The Black Cat, taking pictures from the rafters. Sure, she is helping Peter out by getting some good (great actually) shots of him in action, but she also kind of misses the fight. She joins up just in time to save Peter’s butt, and what does she get for her hard work? Spider-man tells her to be more careful, that’s what! After they separate for the night Peter heads back to his apartment where he develops pictures, finds his old costume, feels super tired, and is the victim of some sort of attack from his nifty new alien suit. Meanwhile his nemesis, The Rose, calls in some new muscle from New Mexico: the Puma! This puma-man is ordered to track Spider-man and eliminate him – oh no! All the time Peter Parker is so tired he can hardly function – so tired, in fact, that he turns down a dinner request from the smoking-hot Mary Jane! Yeah, he was that tired! And this tiredness doesn’t help when Puma finally shows up and picks a fight with Spidey. The issue ends when Spider-man dislocates his shoulder (see – real world physics here!) and Puma moves in for the kill!

How I Rate This Issue:

  • Story: 4 stars – I’m giving this one 4 stars because of the Puma story. That was a fun and unique story – with real consequences for Spidey. The first half of the issue? Not so hot.
  • Art: 3 stars – The art was good enough – just nothing spectacular.
  • Fun Factor: 3 stars – Puma was cool, but no one wants to see Peter turn down both The Black Cat and Mary Jane in one issue. I mean, c’mon, man!

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