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The Amazing Spider-man #245
October 23rd, 2012 by Rusty

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Amazing Spider-man #245

The Amazing Spider-man #245

Date: October 1983
Cover Price: 60¢
Current Price Range: $1.50 – $12
Stats: color, 22 pages + ads and Bullpen Bulletins
Publisher: Marvel Comics Group
Writer: Roger Stern
Artists: John Romita Jr. and Dave Simons, Joe Rosen, Bob Sharen
Notable Notes: 4th appearance of Hobgoblin, Lefty Donovan gains powers of Hobgoblin

My History with this issue: In 1983 I was 12 years old, and our family was going camping.  My mom, quite thoughtfully, picked up a few comic books for me at the local 7-11 and this awesome issue was among them.  This was one of my earliest ventures into Marvel comics and superhero comics in general, and I was immediately captivated by Spider-man!  Now, 29 years later, I am still captivated by this issue!

My Reading Experience:  I didn’t remember much about the story in this particular issue of Spider-man, but I do remember really liking it.  I knew I had read it several times, and the worn pages and fingerprint smudges testify that it was read and loved.  Starting with the cover we get the immediate sense that Spidey is going to figure out who the Hobgoblin is (still a mystery at this point in time), but we are not sure who because the villain’s face isn’t shown.  That theme carries on throughout the book, as Spider-man works to track down this new villain, only to barely miss him – just like the reader barely misses seeing his face!  Ahh… when Spider-man was good he was really, really good – and this is one of those times.  The story, art and sense of mystery all come together to create one satisfying read.  Well worth your time to find an copy and give it a read – you won’t be sorry.

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