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ElfQuest #2
October 26th, 2017 by Rusty

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ElfQuest #2 cover

ElfQuest #2

Date: September 1978
Publisher: WaRP Graphics
Cover Price: $1.00
2017 Price Range: $3 – $40
Stats: 31 color pages plus pin-up art, welcome and Elfquotes letters page
Writers: Wendy and Richard Pini
Artist: Wendy Pini
Notable Notes: The first book from WaRP Graphics

Love At First Sight

Ah, love at first sight… does it really exist? I tend to think that it should more accurately be called “lust at first sight” – at least in the real world. But in the world of fiction perhaps love at first sight is a thing that actually works out. In this issue of ElfQuest the Wolfriders’ leader, Cutter, is so smitten with a beautiful woman that he kidnaps her! But that works out OK for him – and that is another way to tell that we are in fictional world!


At the end of issue #1 the Wolfriders were stranded in a desert. This issue begins with them crossing the harsh landscape at night and with no supplies. After a few days they come to some desert mountains and discover another tribe of elves living there! Cutter, still upset that the trolls tricked him, decides to raid the village for supplies rather than ask for help. It is here that he sees the beautiful Leetah and decides to carry her off – sparking a war with the new elves. However, after talking things over the two tribes come to an agreement, and the native elves not only welcome the Wolfriders, but share their healing capabilities as well!

How I Rate This Issue:

  • Story: 3 stars – I thought the story was good, although it was a little cliched and predicatable.
  • Art: 5 stars – Just like last issue the art was beautiful and a joy to behold! (Apparently the art in the original issue was black and white only, and the colors were added to this edition later.)
  • Fun Factor: 4 stars – The superb art made this story more fun to read than it otherwise would have been.

Where To Get Your Own Copy:

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