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Captain America #6 (Vol. 3)
February 12th, 2013 by Rusty

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Captain America #6 cover

Captain America #6 (Vol. 3)

Date: June 1998
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $1.99
2013 NM Price: $3.00
Stats: 22 color pages plus ads, Bullpen Bulletins and “American Graffiti” letters page
Writer: Mark Waid
Artists: Dale Eaglesham, Scott Koblish, Joe Rosas, John Costanza
Notable Notes: A fake Captain America causes quite a stir!

The Curse of The Empire State Building!

Is it just me or do only bad things seem to happen at the Empire State Building in all forms of entertainment? I mean c’mon – this issue aside the only time I ever see the famous NY building in a movie it is always being destroyed, used as a base for evil or breaking someone’s heart! Surely there has to be some uplifting portrayals of the Empire State Building – doesn’t there?


Captain America #5 ended with Cap tied up in the Empire State Building. This issue sees his Skrull Doppleganger goofing around in the Avenger’s mansion before saving the President of the United States during a press conference. It is here that the fake Cap announces that 1 in 20 Americans is actually a Skrull, and that the people should be wary of those who appear different! Meanwhile the real Captain America makes an ingenious escape from the smart Skrull handcuffs and rushes off to meet his evil double just after the big announcement was made. They battle it out a bit before Cap (the real one) realizes that the regular citizens of New York have gone bat-crazy and are attacking each other for no apparent reason! Well, this can’t be good.

My 2 Cents:

  • I think Cap is one awesome dude, but I’ll admit that even I thought his miraculous escape from the Skrull handcuffs was a little bit too easy.
  • What a cool cover huh? If you’ve seen any of the recent Avengers cartoons you’ll notice some similarities. Hmm… I wonder if they got their Skrull story line idea from these comics? It wouldn’t surprise me.
  • The interplay between the impostor Captain America and the real Avengers was kind of funny! I got a kick out of seeing how they both thought the other was acting strangely!

How I Rate This Issue:

  • Story: 4 stars
  • Art: 4 stars
  • Fun Factor: 4 stars

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