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Batman #225
November 17th, 2013 by Rusty

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Batman #225 cover

Batman #225

Date: September 1970
Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Price: 15¢
2013 Price Range: $6 – $80
Stats: 24 color pages plus ads and “Letters to the Batcave”
Writers: Denny O’Neil and Mike Friedrich
Artists: Irv Novick, Dick Giordano and Mike Esposito
Notable Notes: Batman the murderer?

When Good Heroes Go Bad!

It’s not a unique idea – in fact it is quite common – when good guys become the bad guys… or appear to do so! I think that it would be every legitimate peace-keeper’s fear that a powerful superhero would turn into their worst enemy. That is what happens in this issue… well, almost, anyway. This time it turns out that Batman is framed, and he must use all his Bat-skills to evade the police long enough to prove his innocence!


Last issue was about Batman’s jaunt to New Orleans. This issue is a little different because it contains two short stories. The first, “Wanted For Murder-One” begins with an anti-Batman talk show host who whips up a fury when he grills Commissioner Gordon about Batman’s tactics. No sooner is the show over than the TV host is killed while at the gym – and Batman was seen in the vicinity… looking all suspicious! Could it be? Could Batman have killed someone… with a gun? The police think so and they put out the word to pick him up. Ulp! In the meantime Batman does what he does best – detective work. He hits up a couple of thugs who were paid to be in the area of the murder, and with several clues under his bat-belt our hero returns to the site of the murder: the Gotham Athletic Club. With police-men swarming the area, they break in and find that Batman has solved the mystery – much to everyone’s satisfaction!

“Shutdown on York Street” : Late one night several teenagers are drag-racing on York Street. Things turn ugly when the loser accidentally kills the winner – but was it really an accident? Batman and the presumed murderer’s father (a crime reporter) are called in to investigate the case. Our Bat-hero picks up the trail of the fugitive and discovers him being blackmailed by a gang of thieves. Batman then stops the thieves, rescues the kid, and solves the mystery by demonstrating who *really* killed that other boy. Nice work, Bats!

How I Rate This Issue:

  • Story: 4 stars – The first story was better than the second one, but they were both good. I really liked the mystery / detective feel in both of them, but I think they were too short to do the stories true justice.
  • Art: 4 stars – Very good – especially for the 70s! Lots of details and great scenes!
  • Fun Factor: 4 stars – It was very fun to be part of the mystery along with our caped-crusader! They were a little short, but still loads of fun to read!

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