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Ant-Man & Wasp #1 – 3
November 23rd, 2012 by Rusty

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Ant-man and Wasp #1 cover

Ant-Man & Wasp #1 – 3

Dates: January – March 2011
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Prices: $3.99 each
Current NM Prices: $4.00 each
Stats: 22 color pages each, plus ads
Story & Pencils: Tim Seely
Other Artists: Victor Olazaba, Val Staples and Simon Bowland
Cover Artists: Salva Espin and Guru eFX
Notable Notes: A Marvel 3 issue limited series, featuring Tigra!

Some Of My Favorite Avengers

So, I actually like Ant-Man and the Wasp… well, the old versions anyway. I was thinking this series was going to be about Hank and Janet, but alas, it was not to be. Oh well, I should have done my homework I guess. Anyway I jumped right in and found it to be a mixed bag – I both liked and disliked it. Here’s what the series was about and what I thought of it:

Synopsis and Thoughts:

Issue #1: Hank Pym has had many super hero identities, but now he is The Wasp – an homage to his late wife Janet Van Dyne. So who is using his Ant-Man gear? That would be the obnoxious skirt-chaser Eric O’Grady, who is part of the Secret Avengers. When Eric is not flirting with the ladies (and doing it badly, I might add) it seems he is a conduit for an ethereal thief – someone who steals one of Hank’s latest and most precious inventions. Once this new Wasp figures out what has happened he and the jerky Ant-Man set out to get it back!

Issue #2: Ant-Man and Wasp journey through the Mindscape to A.I.M.’s auction house / lab to try and get back Hank’s “Halo” device. Along the way they battle giant A.I.M. baddies, Supreme Scientist Monica Rappacini and each other! In the end Hank has to use his portable hole (not what it sounds like!) to secure his stolen device, and then use the device itself to ensure that they can escape safely. Well, that’s the plan anyway.

Issue #3: The series wraps up with Hank Pym being captured (and held in a number of creative prisons) by Ms. Rappacini. As he struggles to escape, Ant-Man Eric has his own troubles with the cellular structure of his body. Who should come along to help him out? Oh, just the sexy ethereal thief from issue #1! Lucky huh? Well, not for her because he betrays her trust and rushes off just in time to save Hank. Anyway, there is a big fight with A.I.M., The Avengers show up and everything turns out just fine – oh, except for the A.I.M. people, who end up in a bad place. But hey, thats’ what bad guys are for, right!

So, I went into this series thinking I would really like it, but it turned out to be just so-so. Here are some of my thoughts about it:

  • A little too much gratuitous T&A. I mean I like T&A as much as the next guy but some of it was so out of order that I had to just roll my eyes.
  • Some of the art is a little bit off, especially when it comes to female anatomy and some perspective scenes. However, when the art is on then it is really cool – there were just a few places where the weird dimensions jarred me out of my suspended disbelief and back into reality so I could question the accuracy of what was being portrayed.
  • Even though it is trying (desperately) to be funny, it actually does succeed a few times. And one of my favorite parts: the stick figures with attitude used to recap the previous issue – funny stuff!

My Rating: Perfectly Average

  • Story: 3 out of 5 stars
  • Art: 3 out of 5 stars
  • Fun Factor: 3 out of 5 stars

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